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Samsung Galaxy Wearable app crashing on Android

A quick and easy fix for the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app crashing on Android.

If you're like me and use a Samsung Galaxy Watch and its companion app on Android, it's likely that you've encountered this issue. A few days ago I noticed that every time I opened the app it would launch then immediately close.

I've tried clearing the cache, the data, reinstalling, etc. Same behavior every time.

If this also happens to you, your watch and phone probably won't connect to each other as well. Which is quite annoying.

The reason, apparently, it's because we're now on 2024! 🎉 The app seems to have a bug, unfixed until today, related to the year.

The solution: Change the date on your phone to 2023 (for example, 31/12/2023), and try to re-open the app. It should work!

Now connect your watch, go to the hamburger menu on the left and check if you have an update for the app or for the Galaxy Watch Plugin. Do the update.

Now you can restore the date on your phone to the correct one and the app should stop crashing!