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Bluetooth missing from Windows 11

How to get Bluetooth working on Windows 11 after it's gone without explanation.

One of these days I restarted my dual boot desktop to get to my Windows session and game a little, and my Xbox Controller wasn't connecting to it. Upon a small debugging session, I noticed that Bluetooth seemed to be gone from Windows, which is weird since it's built in the motherboard (TUF Gaming B550-Plus WI-FI) and has always worked until this day.

Device manager was showing the following Hardware ID's:


I didn't want to waste a lot of time with this and went straight to a reboot. Which, as you can guess, didn't solve the issue. The second step was a full shutdown, followed by another boot. Still no Bluetooth.

Well, long story short, if you have encountered this type of issue, try this:

  • Turn off your computer, turn off the button on your power supply (or take off the power cable), and press the power button on your desktop for around 10 seconds, to drain the remaining power of the components. After those 10 seconds just reconnect everything, turn on the computer and it should be working again!