Diogo Ferreira


I really enjoy reading about what other people use, whether is technology-related or not. It gives me ideas and helps me discover new things. With that in mind, I’ve decided to write about the things that I use. Maybe it’ll be useful to someone. Check more /uses pages at https://uses.tech/.

The hardware


As of today, 31/07/2020, I've replaced my two monitors.

At home, I use a custom made desktop that I’ve built a few years ago. It has an Intel i7-4790 with 16GB of RAM, an MSI GTX 970 4GB, 3 Samsung 850 Pro SSD’s, and 3 Western Digital Blue HDD's. All inside a beautiful black Fractal Design Define R4. I'm now using an amazing AOC CU34G2X/BK 34" curved gaming monitor with 144 Hz. It's one of my latest upgrades, and it's awesome. The desktop works as well as the day it was built.


As of today, 31/07/2020, I've replaced all my peripherals. Removing wires from my desk was the reason behind it.

I'm now using a Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard. So far I'm loving it. I'm still getting used to the US layout, but I'm getting there. Also, a new mouse! A Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless. It's by far the best mouse I've ever used. I was looking for a wireless mouse that resembled my old favorite, the Logitech G500, and this is it, without the wires! My music now comes through the HyperX Cloud Flight headset. It’s fantastic. Impressive sound, good price. The microphone is a bit worse than my previous HyperX Cloud Core, but that doesn't mean that it's bad. Just different.


When on the move I use an Apple MacBook Air Mid 2012. It should have Linux on it, but I can’t get a worthy distro working on it that won’t melt my battery away. It has a 13″ display, with an Intel i5, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. It’s not the best but gets the job done and I’ve replaced the battery a year ago, so I get a very good battery life out of it. It starts to show its age since I’ve upgraded to the latest macOS, but for now, it’ll do.


My mobile computer. I'm rocking an OnePlus 5T, running stock OxygenOS. At the time of this writing, the bootloader is locked and the device has not been rooted. It’s awesome, one of the best phones I’ve ever bought. I still recommend it to this day. The battery lasts a full day without breaking a sweat.


I use an iPad 9.7″ from 2018 which I bought at a very good price, but it was an impulse buy. I use it on the couch when I feel lazy, look for some recipes while cooking, and take it with me on flights to watch some Netflix or play some games. I’ve got no complaints about it. The battery lasts forever.


I don’t have a “fancy” smartwatch, but I use a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. It does the basics, like showing your heartbeat, step counter, calories, and helps me in the gym. It also shows what time it is and the weather.


As of today, 31/07/2020, I've replaced my headphones.

I just use headphones when I'm in the gym. My choice lies with the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. Lightweight, no wires, good battery, good sound, and even better price. As a low-cost option, they are very good.

Home Assistant

I'm using a Google Home and a Google Mini. I just use them to add things to my shopping list, listening to music, and asking about my day (calendar, traffic). Another impulse buy.


I have three servers, one at home and two at a remote location. The one at home is an Optiplex 3040 SFF (not really a server but working as one) that runs simple services, such as Pihole, Home Assistant, DNS, DHCP, and Openvpn.
On the first remote location is an HP ProLiant DL180 G6, that replaced my old Dell Poweredge C6100. It runs all my public-facing services, such as this website, a GitLab instance, a Nextcloud instance, and many other services (there are currently 29 running containers on it). One day™ I'll write about them. It also works as my testing bed for everything Linux related.

On the second location is an HP Microserver G7 N54L that handles my backups. It runs BackupPC and all my data is backed up to it. The really important data (photos, videos) that I don’t want to ever lose is encrypted and put into an AWS Glacier bucket. It costs pennies and if I ever need it I don’t mind paying and waiting to get it.

The software

Operating Systems

I use all the big 3. My distro of choice for desktop usage is now Kubuntu instead of vanilla Ubuntu because KDE got fast! I run it on my work desktop and laptop. On my personal desktop, I use Windows 10 because I like to play some games now and then. But every day I find myself playing less, so I'll probably install Linux on it as well. On my personal laptop, I run the latest macOS release, macOS Catalina. On my servers, I run Debian 10. It's rock-solid.


I prefer using FOSS when possible, but sometimes proprietary software is the right tool for the job. I use:

With this toolset, I can do 99% of my job. I’ll write a bit more about each one, someday.

I also run multiple VM’s for testing with several operating systems, but the permanent ones are Kali Linux and Windows 7.


I’m a Netflix customer, but I’m considering leaving it. I also use Spotify, but this one I’m keeping. It’s awesome to have all the music I can think of on all my devices. I’m always listening to music. I get almost all my games on Steam and keep myself organized with Google Calendar and Google Keep. My end goal is to replace them all with self-hosted services.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Send me an email at diogo [at] diogoferreira [dot] pt or Twitter!

This page is a constant work in progress.