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Remove a host from BackupPC

Small tutorial on how to remove a host from BackupPC.

If you want to remove a host from your BackupPC server you'll need to take the following steps.

  1. First delete the host from the GUI. Go to Edit Hosts and delete the host you want. Click Save.


After that you'll need to login to your server and remove the folder where the backups are kept. By default BackupPC is installed on /var/lib/BackupPC/, and your machines should be on /var/lib/BackupPC/pc/.

  1. Stop the BackupPC service:
$ sudo systemctl stop backuppc
  1. Remove the folder of the host you want to delete:
$ sudo rm -rf /var/lib/BackupPC/pc/<my-host>
  1. Run the nightly script (probably you'll need to run it as the backuppc user):
$ su - backuppc
$ /usr/share/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_nightly 0 255
  1. Start the BackupPC service again:
$ exit
$ sudo systemctl start backuppc

And now the host is removed.