Open XFCE menu with the Windows key on Xubuntu 20.10

How to open the XFCE menu (Whisker) with the Windows key, on Xubuntu 20.10.

When using Windows or Gnome I'm used to open the Applications menu with my Windows (Super) key and start typing away to open my programs.

Well, Xubuntu by default doesn't do that. So here are the steps to make it happen.

  1. Open the Settings Manager:
$ xfce4-settings-manager
  1. Look for Keyboard (or use the search on the top).

  2. Choose Applications Shortcuts:

  3. Click on Add.

  4. On the Command write xfce4-popup-whiskermenu. Click Ok.

  5. When it asks to press a key use your Windows key.

  6. There is no step 7. It's done!

Now my muscle memory won't fail me when DE hopping.